Little Pizza in the Market, 450 Pacific Hwy, Lane Cove North, NSW 2066




-       Looking for 2 persons who like to do this. They have to know each other well.

-       One of them has to have a car to bring the required stuff (see to the Market. I will provide everything. You just come as you are.

-       Selling



-       In the Kirribilli Markets ( see ) in Sydney.

-       Sunday or Saturday from 8:30am to 3:00pm (see Market Dates in the website).

-       Booking is required to secure a spot in the Kirribilli Markets to sell the products.

-       Or other markets later.

Duties include:

1.    Selling the pizza on a stick.

2.    One of them will be in charge.

3.    Cook it in the Sandwich Press.

4.    Wrap with aluminium foil and lunch bag.

5.    Others as required.

6.    I may or may not be there.

Payment: %age of sales (Cash No Tax). What %? We will talk about this.

Interested to have fun in the Kirribilli Markets? Please send message.

If too many people are interested, sorry about that, there will be no reply.