Little Pizza in the Market, U.450 Pacific Hwy, Lane Cove North, NSW 2066


Temporary Food Stall Details

Little Pizza in the Market



Equipment details

Type of Equipment List

Cold storage equipment: Cooler with ice bricks:


Products: (Own Creation)


1. Pizza on a stick


2. Little Pizza


3. Folded Pizza



Cooked in about 4 minutes including 2 minutes heating of Sandwich Press. So it will be hot from the Plate.

Same Ingredients for 1, 2 and 3: Pizza Dough (Flour + Yeast + Sea Salt + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Water, NO Sugar) + Cheese (Mozzarella + Cheddar + Parmesan) + Tomato.


Note: Once you taste this Pizza, you will want more and more . and cant stop ..





Floor covering: Tarpaulin



Counter food protection/sneeze guards: Tables and 3 x 3 m Walled Gazebo (see

Overhead protection over all cooking/preparation areas)



Hand Washing Facilities: Warm running water (Urn 10 L) + 2 x 20 L Portable

Water Carrier, soap and paper towel


Overhead protection over all cooking/preparation areas: 3 x 3 m Walled Gazebo



List of Food: Pressed Pizza Hot Direct from the Plate. See Hot Storage and Cooking Equipment above.


















Head Cover:




Lunch Bag:

Aluminium Foil:






























Folding Table:


Note: Current Food Safety Supervisory Certificate is available