Here is the advice from somebody to 7 years old girl in a non Christian movie:

………, you are going to live for many years to come. There will be many things, both sad and hard.
You will meet people you don’t like.
But still, you must never resent or hate them.
You must never hurt other people.
If you resent or hate somebody, you will regret it. You will feel terrible about it, in the end.
If you hurt somebody, finally you will be the one that is hurt and suffers. Everything you do comes back to you.
Now listen, ……...
If you want to hate or hurt somebody, try to think of his point of view, before you resent or hurt him.
Ask yourself, why does he treat me so badly? There has to be a reason.
And if you can think of any, then you must feel better yourself.
But if you can’t and they still treat you badly, you should not accuse them, but pity them.
Those that treat you badly without reason, must be very unhappy. They are people you should feel sorry for.
You should think this way and forgive them. You understand?
Well, you probably don’t understand this now.
But I hope you will become someone who can love and forgive people.
If you can go out and love others, than they will love you in return and you will
be a very happy person.
If you can do this, you will be rich in your heart.
Can you remember that?
I taught you reading, writing and mathematics, but no matter how good you become at them,
it won’t mean anything if your heart is bad.
No matter how much you study and how important you become,
it will not do you any good if you are not a good person. Ah well, it should not be too hard for you.