Pantecostal people said: Non-Pantecostal church is religious.

Non-Pantecostal people said: Pantecostal church is emotional.

The questions:
What is the point to say this?
Will it bring unity?

Here is one of the favorite song the owner of this website sang when he was in Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Christian Student Fellowship)

Ku Tak Tahu Kau Dari Gereja Mana
(I Don't Know Which Church You Come From)

Ku tak tahu kau dari gereja mana
(I don't know which church you come from)

Asalkan beralaskan Kristus
(As long as based on Christ)

Engkaulah saudara-saudariku
(You are my brothers and sisters)

Marilah kita bekerja sama
(Let us work together)